Employee Access

Easily Connect to the Corporate Network When You're Not at Work

CPS Energy employees and contractors can access the corporate network from a CPS Energy laptop or device or any personal computer when they're away from a CPS Energy worksite.

Employees and contractors with authorized access can connect to the network through Citrix or VPN accounts established by ICS. Or they can access their CPS Energy email account with their logon ID and password. Just click on your preferred link below.

Any unauthorized access to the system, unauthorized use of an account, or unauthorized use of a password are criminal offenses under Texas Penal Code §33.02. Before trying to access the various Remote Access environments, contact the ICS Service Desk, 210-353-2020, to confirm you have the proper authorization rights.


Web Applications 

Access various applications from devices outside the CPS Energy network.


CPS Energy Web Mail 

Access your Outlook account with logon ID and password to send business e-mails or check your latest e-mails.

Need a Plug-In?
A plug-in may need to be installed to use the various parts of the Citrix web application environment. Employees are responsible for the maintenance, repair and operation of their personal computer equipment. CPS Energy is not responsible for any issues that may be caused by the installation of the plug-in. Install Plug-In 

Test Your Speed
This test measures the speed between your computer and the Internet and can help determine if you should take steps to improve performance with your home Internet provider. If you are traveling on business and staying in a hotel, you may experience less-than-desirable Internet connection performance provided by the servicing hotel. Run Speed Test