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San Antonio's Energy Future and You

Most of us don’t think much about electricity or natural gas in our daily lives.  We flip a light switch or turn a gas knob, and the energy we need is there.  For almost 70 years, CPS Energy has provided reliable, affordable energy for our community.  And our energy bills remain among the lowest in the nation, even as our community continues to grow.

How do we continue to be among the best, even in light of a national recession, fluctuating fuel prices, an expected taxes and regulations on emissions from fossil-fueled power plants?

We believe the answer lies in the Strategic Energy Plan, our roadmap for supplying the power Greater San Antonio needs for a bright, sustainable energy future. It focuses on four key objectives: increasing our energy efficiency and conservation efforts; expanding renewable-energy resources; providing cost-competitive electricity; and maintaining our strong commitment to the environment.  Furthermore, our Vision 2020 plan summarizes our key accomplishments and addresses the challenges we have as we transition from a company focused on low-cost power from traditional generation sources to a company that provides affordable, reliable power based on a variety of sustainable sources.

If you would like to learn more, continue to read this page, or take advantage of the opportunities we offer for you or your organization to learn more about our energy future.

Strategic Energy Plan Objectives

More About Our Plans

Strategic Energy Plan Objectives

Expand Renewable Energy Sources

wind turbine

CPS Energy focuses on wind, solar and landfill gas as renewable energy alternatives. Electricity generated from the West Texas plains and Texas coastal wind farms makes CPS Energy the largest publicly owned purchaser of wind power in the country. We currently have 1059 megawatts (MW) of wind-generated electricity in commercial operation.

Today, CPS Energy has 89 MW of solar power in commercial operation, with an agreement in place for the development of more than 350 MW of solar power. We are well on our way to achieving a major goal – renewable-energy capacity equal to 20 percent of our total generation capacity, or 1,500 MW, by 2020 – that will maintain our position as a national leader in renewable energy.

More About Our Plans