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Energy Generation and Delivery

Where Does Your Power Come From?
energy generation

Your lights come on every day. On cold winter nights, your house stays warm and cozy. But did you ever consider just how light and heat are produced for your home?

Sure, there’s the light bulb, the lamp, and the electrical outlet. But how is electricity produced and where does it come from? And when the house is cold, you blame it on the old furnace hiding in the hallway or up in the attic. Again, where does ol' reliable draw its power from?

The generation of energy to provide us with light, heat and other modern conveniences is often overlooked. CPS Energy customers derive their power from multiple sources including coal, natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy. It all starts at a power plant and often travels miles before it finally reaches that lamp or furnace in your home.

See how energy is produced via power plants, wind farms and other sources. Once this energy is produced, learn how it makes it to your home or business to support all of your daily needs.