Beware of Scams

Tips About Scammers

Scammers or imposters are a reality of life today. Be prepared. Here are some important tips to help you avoid being scammed or having your important personal information stolen.

Please remember, WE WILL NEVER:

  • Call to demand payment or money (by cash, credit card, iTunes cards, etc.) at your home or business
  • Request credit card or banking information over the telephone
  • Ask to enter your home unless you have initiated a request for a specific service

If you receive a suspicious call:

  • Record the phone number if you have caller I.D.
  • Call 911 or local law enforcement immediately
  • Call the Security Hotline at 210-353-4000

Remember these rules about payment by phone:

  • Payment will always be initiated by you, the customer
  • You will make payment directly to our Pay-by-Phone partner, JP Morgan Chase, at the following numbers:
    • Residential Customers: 1-877-257-1172
    • Commercial Customers: 1-855-290-7615

How to distinguish CPS Energy employees from imposters:

  • Company vehicles have a CPS Energy logo, and employees wear uniforms with our logo and will have an I.D. badge with employee number
  • Even our contractors are readily identifiable
  • In most cases, you will receive advance notice if we plan to do extensive work in your neighborhood
  • Employees will almost never ask to come inside your home
  • Employees will almost never ask you to come outside

If, on the rare occasion, a CPS Energy employee comes to your door:

  • Ask to see the employee's I.D. badge and employee number
  • Verify employment with this information by calling our Security Hotline at 210-353-4000

If you suspect someone of stealing uility services, please report this suspicious activity anonymously using our online form:  Report Utility Service Theft

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