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2017 | 2018 Annual Report




"We are using technology to enhance our offerings while increasing our efficiency."


What if walls could talk? Would they boast about photos of employees, awards and degrees hung with care or give you a pep talk on wasted energy?

Anna Morton suggests it would be the latter, and even developed an entry for our first ever Customer Centric Competition, or C3. She focused on energy efficiency in buildings and how to limit the amount of energy buildings demand during peak hours of the day.

She won one of the top prizes for local tech developers, but more importantly, is developing her program for our future headquarters. Anna is among the many of you out there dreaming up stuff all the time. We want to tap into those dreams and innovations - both within our community and our company.

Last year, we invited you and our very own to show us your creative ways to solve everyday customer problems. We launched two versions of C3, the second being an Employee C3, or EC3, to draw out our own creative thoughts.

EC3 spurred 52 entries from across our company in just four short weeks. Winning entries centered on cybersecurity, an enhanced drone initiative, and automated and robust customer interfaces. We’re working on developing these ideas along with other EC3 submissions. In the end, we want to deliver you an exceptional and personalized experience to make it even easier for you to spend valuable time doing the things you love.



What if you could get around-the-clock solar power even after the sun goes down? Battery storage is the key, and our partners at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) will help us explore a multi-million dollar project featuring both clean energy and battery storage. SwRI will host a future Solar+Storage initiative on their property. The planned project is the result of our successful application in 2016 for a $3 million New Technology Implementation Grant with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as part of its Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.


Imagine walking in a park and just like it happens in the freezer aisle of some stores, the lights start coming on with your every step. San Antonio District 5 Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales envisions it with bright LED lights.

“Lighting is a top priority in my district. The City is investing $3 million in Smart Cities to ensure projects that promote safety and energy efficiency see the light of day. And, our pilot park project is a smart first step,” said Gonzales.

Our initial investment in a smart grid is the foundation for a smart city. In 2017, we installed our one millionth advanced meter or gas meter-enhancing device, completing 90 percent of the project.

This advanced technology is now our standard, providing us real-time notification when you experience a power outage. Not at home? Don’t worry. We may have the lights back on before you ever realized there was an outage, saving that milk in the fridge. Service fluctuations also can be detected before they become a larger issue – think flickering lights - and impact your daily routine.

Gonzales and other leaders are excited about rolling out even more smart uses of the technology to improve services for you and our community. We will be with them every step of the way.


Zpryme is a market research group that’s dreaming in digital. And, they lean in towards those who are forward thinking.

In December 2017, Zpryme nominated and later awarded our President & CEO, Paula Gold-Williams, with their Energy Thought Summit's (ETS) Thought Leader of the Year award. The recognition honors an individual among the ETS community of thought leaders who has an inventive, brave vision to inspire the global energy ecosystem.