My Thermostat Rewards Enrollment


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You Install

Purchase and install a qualified thermostat and receive a $150 credit when you connect to My Thermostat Rewards. Also, get another $30 bill credit at the end of each summer season for participating in our program. The annual $30 bill credit is applied per household and not per thermostat. Qualified thermostats only.


NOTE:  To qualify for the $150 bill credit, you must install a Wi-Fi thermostat approved by CPS Energy, enroll in My Thermostat Rewards between Nov 23, 2018 and Jan 31, 2019, and allow CPS Energy to briefly adjust your thermostat settings during peak energy usage times. Each year, following the end of September, a $30 bill credit per household will be applied to your bill.

Through this program, you agree to allow us to make adjustments to your thermostat during peak energy usage times, or what we refer to as "conservation events." This will likely happen several times during the summer months and typically occurs between the hours of 3pm and 7pm, Monday through Friday. During conservation events you can opt out at any time through your thermostat or smartphone app and return to your normal settings. Conservation events don't occur often, but are crucial in managing the energy needs of our community.

Smart Thermostats installed by CPS Energy do not qualify for the $150 bill credit or the $30 annual bill credit. The $300 value is based on the professional installation and cost of the thermostat.


CPS Energy Installs

Sign up and your reward will be a free CPS Energy Smart Thermostat.  We will send a professional to install the equipment in your home, for free.