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Solicitation Documents

Three (3) year term contract for Chevrolet Vehicle Parts and Repairs.

Collective 7000159532

Description: CPS Energy is seeking a Company to provide light duty Chevrolet vehicle parts and repair services on a as needed basis for a three (3) year term.

Solicitation Detail:

Company will assist the CPS Energy Fleet Operations Department with the Services, analysis and diagnosis cost estimate, pickup and delivery, inspection, and provide goods for light duty Chevrolet vehicle parts and repair services.             

Solicitation Documents:

Companies wishing to provide a Response for this Solicitation must download the Collective Document for this Solicitation no later than May 28, 2020 from the website. There is a link for the Collective Document located on the left side of this page, under the “Solicitation Documents.” To successfully download the documents, it is recommended that Google Chrome 33+, Mozilla Firefox 38.01.1, or Internet Explorer 9 or greater be used.

Pre-Solicitation Meeting:

A Non-Mandatory Pre-Solicitation Meeting will be held on May 6, at 10:30 AM (Central).  Information for the Webex meeting will be provided upon receipt of a completed Acknowledgement of Receipt form (embedded in the Collective). This meeting is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended that the interested Companies attend.

To logistically plan for this meeting, you must advise Kara Williams by email no later than March 5, 2020, by 2:00 PM (Central).

Response Due Date:

Responses are due no later than May 29, 2020 at 2:00 PM (Central). CPS Energy reserves the right to reject late Submittals. The Collective Document contains all pertinent information regarding Responses.

Contact Name: Kara Williams

Contact Email: knwilliams@cpsenergy.com