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Scenic Loop Substation and Transmission Line Project


The Scenic Loop Substation and Transmission Line Project involves the proposed construction of a new substation, a new transmission line, and associated distribution lines. This substation will improve reliability and provide additional electrical capacity to homes and businesses in the area.

CPS Energy has evaluated multiple substation site alternatives and geographically diverse transmission line options and has filed an application to amend its existing Certificate of Convenience and Necessity with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC).

Throughout the course of the PUC process CPS Energy will be posting updates to major activities and information regarding this project on this webpage.


Update 10-30-2020: View the Scenic Loop Intervenor Maps (post Pre-Hearing Conference):

Scenic Loop Intervenors Map

Update 10-2-2020:
The State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) issued Order No. 1. This order set the date of the Prehearing Conference on October 22, 2020 at 10AM. Due to the ongoing disruptive effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the ALJs will conduct the prehearing conference using the Zoom videoconferencing application. Instructions for attending can be found on the order located here:


At this meeting the ALJs will be addressing any outstanding interventions, establishing a procedural schedule and other matters. A complete list of issues/matters can be found on the order, using the link above.

Update 8-21-2020:
According to PUC Order No. 5, the administrative law judge (ALJ) finds CPS Energy’s application administratively complete and the notice sufficient.  The ALJ adopts a procedural schedule through the month of September (2020). The order and schedule may be found on the PUC Interchange website here.

Update 7-22-2020:
CPS Energy has filed the CCN Application for the Scenic Loop Project with the Public Utility Commission of Texas under docket number 51023. The filed application can be found on the PUC Interchange website here. Digital copies of the complete application and attachments are available on this website and the PUC Interchange. A physical copy of the documents is available for public viewing at:

CPS Energy, 500 McCullough, San Antonio, TX 78215


Fair Oaks Ranch City Office - 7286 Dietz Elkhorn Rd, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015.

Scenic Loop Transmission Project CCN Application

Attachment 1 - Environmental Analysis (large file)

Attachment 2 – LCRA TSC Letter

Attachment 3 – Cost Estimates

Attachment 4 – Existing Area Transmission System

Attachment 5 – Directly Affected Landowner Map Overview

Attachment 7 – Landowner Notice Package

Attachment 8 – Directly Affected Landowner List

Attachment 9 – Public Official and Agency Notice Package

*All Public Official Notice Packages contained a complete Landowner Notice Package.

Attachment 10 – Public Officials and Agency Notice List

Attachment 11 – Newspaper Notice

Attachment 12 – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Notice Letter

Attachment 13 - Scenic Loop Substation Analysis Report

Notice packages (Attachment 7) for this project have been mailed out via first class mail to all directly affected Landowners. If you wish to participate in this proceeding by becoming an intervenor, the deadline for intervention in the proceeding is September 8, 2020, and the PUC should receive an electronic filing or letter from you requesting intervention by that date. More information about the PUC’s filing process can be obtained at the PUC’s website here: https://interchange.puc.texas.gov/filer  Instructions for using the PUC Filer are available at http://www.puc.texas.gov/industry/filings/New_PUC_Web_Filer_Presentation.pdf . For assistance with an electronic filing, please contact the PUC’s Help Desk at (512) 936-7100 or helpdesk@puc.texas.gov.

Update 7-10-2020:
CPS Energy has filed for a docket number with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC). The docket number is 51023 and can be found on the PUC Interchange website here.

Open House Documents (Held October 3, 2019)


You may call, write or e-mail:

CPS Energy
Daniel Otto, Project Manager
Scenic Loop Substation and Transmission Line Project
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PO Box 1771
San Antonio, Texas 78296-1771