Smart Thermostat -- Troubleshooting


You can’t adjust your thermostat.

When CPS Energy initiates a 10-minute cycling event for a critical peak period, your Smart Thermostat will display the word SAVINGS. You will be unable to change the setting or the temperature on your thermostat. Your air conditioner will be blowing air but the air will not be cold.

Your Smart Thermostat’s display will not come on.

There is no power being supplied to the thermostat. Check your fuse or circuit breaker.

Temperature display will not go lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher than 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

You have reached the temperature setting limit.

The programmed temperature change occurs incorrectly.

Check the programmed time. Make sure the AM and PM indications and the day and time are correct.

The cooling mode will not come on.

  • Make sure the system control is set to COOL.
  • Check the system fuse or circuit breaker and replace or reset, if necessary.
  • Check the display; if SAVING is displayed, the system is in the cycling mode and the thermostat is being controlled.
  • The thermostat is in its built-in time delay; allow 5 to 10 minutes after changing the setting before the air conditioner starts.
  • If the temperature setting on your Smart Thermostat is lower than the current temperature, and the display shows COOL, set the system control to OFF for 10 minutes, then return the system to the COOL setting. If the air conditioner comes on, the compressor may have reached its high-limit temperature protection and shut down. If the air conditioner does not come on after 10 minutes and the display shows COOL, call 1-866-222-7645.