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Electric Vehicles

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Learn About Electric Vehicles


Ready for Plug-in Power?


Looking to power your drive with a plug-in electric vehicle (EV)? We are here to make it happen. Whether you simply want to be on the innovative edge, stop filling up at the gas pump, spend fewer visits on car maintenance, or reduce your carbon footprint, there are many models and types of EVs on the market today to fit your needs.

Do you want to go gas and emissions free with a pure EV, or are you looking at a combination of electric and gas with a hybrid? Whatever you choose, we’re here to get you plugged in.

Helpful Information:

  • View a map showing charging stations and real time availability of their charging ports at ChargePoint.
  • For questions, call 210-353-2SAV (Option 7) to speak with a member of our EV team or leave a message to receive a call back from them.  
  • The City of San Antonio's Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Parking Program allows authorized hybrid and electric vehicles to park for free at downtown street meters or street pay stations for a period of time not to exceed the limit of the meter or pay station.